Design Theory

Word problems boring your students to death? Here’s how to fix them.

Here are some tips for making math word problems more engaging for 3rd and 4th grade students. Learn how to use theme, graphics, structure and relevance to make word problems your students will actually want to finish…

An Escape Room Full of Spooky Secrets

Have fun this Halloween with an interactive escape room mystery based around INFERENCE!

Teach Figurative Language by Fighting Monsters with Boom Cards

"The old tales tell of such wizardly barriers, which open not to a key such as ye can put in your pocket, but to a rhyme or a riddle's answer."Cecilia Dart-Thornton. The Ill-Made Mute. 2007. p. 245 I grew up reading folk tales where language was almost magical, and...

How to use Choice to Unlock Your Student’s Imagination

How you can use choice to instantly wake up your students and unlock their imagination • GameWise