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How to make math more fun. Online games that excite and delight!

Online math games are powerful motivators because they blend game-based fun with math practice, so students can learn while still staying engaged…

aMAZing Math Puzzles That Make Students Think

Give students a reason to practice math with this fun math maze puzzle game. These online logic puzzles review math concepts and reward students with delightfully addictive learning

ELA Monsters – How to Use Digital Boom Cards to Learn Figurative Language by Fighting Monsters

"The old tales tell of such wizardly barriers, which open not to a key such as ye can put in your pocket, but to a rhyme or a riddle's answer."Cecilia Dart-Thornton. The Ill-Made Mute. 2007. p. 245 I grew up reading folk tales where language was almost magical, and...

How you can use choice to instantly wake up your students and unlock their imagination

Arthur pulled his sword from the body of the beast. The villagers came out of hiding, carrying the wounded boy. What did Arthur do next?