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ames for everyone

It’s a hard time to be a teacher.

You’re time-poor and tired, and it can be an uphill battle finding resources that are both meaningful and engaging for students. We’ve got good news for you! Our browser-based games and puzzles are genuinely thought-provoking and easy for you to use in class or via distance – even if you’re not good with technology.

You want your classroom to be a place where you and your students are inspired and having fun. We’re here to help you do that. We’ve even got some fun free games you can try out right now.

So get out there and make some noise.

It’s time to make your learning fun.

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MEGA BUNDLE 2 | Persuasive Language

Unlock your ultimate powers of persuasion with this digital BOOM deck focussing on SIX key Persuasive devices! In these interactive task cards, students learn 5 language devices and then battle monsters by choosing the right language to defeat each one. Each deck is browser-based and auto-grading, suitable for distance learning and home school ? simply send students a link and a fast pin to get them started.

$12.00 USD $7.00 USD


aMAZing Math Puzzles That Make Students Think

aMAZing Math Puzzles That Make Students Think

Give students a reason to practice math with this fun math maze puzzle game. These online logic puzzles review math concepts and reward students with delightfully addictive learning

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I keep out and keep in,
Comfort or Shock,
The cruellest guard or
Protector of the flock.