Romeo and Juliet | Digital Escape Room

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Explore Shakespeare’s tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” like never before, with this immersive and fun digital escape room. This browser-based review game is 100% paperless and suitable for home school / distance learning. If you are looking for a fun and challenging lesson that requires zero prep… Look no further! This escape lesson is for you.

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Explore Shakespeare's tragedy "Romeo and Juliet" with this immersive and fun digital escape room. This browser-based review game is 100% paperless, requires zero prep and is suitable for distance learning and home school - simply send students a link and a code to get started.

In this interactive revision game, students take on the role of a timecop who travels back in time to save Shakespeare's play from the hands of a rogue AI. Their objective is to discover what actually happened in the play, then report back to the future.

Students will revise the plot timeline, answer main character riddles, solve puzzles, analyse language techniques and do a close reading of Romeo's soliloquy in the tomb. But beware! If students make too many mistakes their mission will fail, and the past will be lost forever.

Students race against each other to complete all the tasks and puzzles first. They can work on this individually or in groups sharing a device between them. I've found it's particularly fun to compete in teams  with a small prize for the fastest 3 groups! Simply send your students the link and your game code to start playing!

So if you?re after a fun and challenging lesson that will engage your students from start to finish? Look no further. This digital escape room is for you!

- a link and game code so you can get your students working quickly on any device
- An interactive timeline with 12 key plot points (students have to order it correctly to progress to the next level)
- 2 visual puzzles: (a sliding puzzle where students evaluate the Friar's attitude to the wedding. A draggable rose and parchment which students have to overlay in the right orientation to reveal a hidden message)
- 10 unique character riddles
- 5 hangman challenges (based around language techniques)
- A final close reading challenge - students read an extract from the play and answer multiple-choice analysis questions to reveal a secret code
- An answer key for the teacher! (it?s auto-grading, but just in case you want to give hints! ??)

1. Click on this link: Romeo and Juliet Escape Room! or the one in your product file.
2. Type in your game code (found in your product file)
3. Have fun!

- Buying this product gives you a password which then unlocks an online file to use in class - so it needs an internet connection to work.
- I have done my very best to make this game playable on any device (even phones!) but for the best experience, I'd recommend using a computer/laptop or iPad.
- I'm planning to update and expand this resource over time to give you the best experience possible - I may change the game code from time to time (don't worry I'll let you know, and you'll get an updated code when you re-download the product file).


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