Riddles in the Dark

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Challenge your students and friends with these tricky and original language riddles. You can use this riddle game as a warm-up or fast finisher. A VERY handy resource for a substitute teacher or to keep students engaged at home!

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Challenge your students and friends with this digital riddle game! You can use these tricky poem riddles as a warm-up game or reward for a fast finisher. A VERY handy resource for a substitute teacher or to keep students engaged at home!


  • 20-40 minutes of riddle challenges. The game contains 10 original riddles in a simple but fun game format - spend crystals to get three kinds of hints - word length scrambled letters mixed with fakes or a hint.
  • A fun and engaging way to help students immerse themselves in metaphorical language.
  • Problem-solving and lateral thinking challenges. Students can't Google the answers (because the riddles are unique) so they have to think strategically and experience some delayed gratification!

This riddle challenge is browser-based, suitable for distance learning or home school. Just send your students the link and password to start playing right away.

1. Click on this link:  Riddles in the Dark 1
2. Type in your game code (which you'll find in the product file).
3. Have fun!

Buying this product gives you a password which then unlocks an online file to use in class - so it needs an internet connection to work.

I have done my very best to make this game playable on any device (even phones!) but for the best experience, I’d recommend using a browser or iPad.

I'm planning to update and expand this resource over time to give you the best experience possible - I may change the game code from time to time (don’t worry I’ll let you know, and you'll get an updated code when you re-download the product file).

Still not convinced? Here's a sample riddle:


I guard doors and windows from thieves in the night.

I am the reaction of cowards in flight.

The coil of cloth, the arrow from bow,

The wrath of the Gods on mere mortals below.

Hmmm...finding it tricky? Here's a hint:

The answer is _ _ _ _ letters long.

Need another hint?

What do gods strike mortals with when they're angry?

That's right, you got it, the answer is...


-I hope you enjoyed that! ;)



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