Fairytale Writing Prompt

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Engage and inspire your students with this immersive fairytale plot generator! The ultimate creative writing starter, this dynamic tool will supply students with interesting characters and magical landscapes to help them get their ideas onto paper quicker than ever. Do you want an AWESOME creative writing prompt that you can use with zero prep? Then look no further! Dive into this cauldron of twisted and magical fairytales that this generator will concoct for you.

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Inspire your students with this language arts fairytale writing prompt!  This interactive creative writing plot generator shows students the core elements of a short story and gives them all the heroes, curses, and magical landscapes to help them get their ideas onto paper quicker than ever.

If you're sick of hearing students say: "I don't know how to start!" or "I don't like that writing prompt!" - this tool is your solution!  With more than 10 million plot prompts, this generator will engage students with fun and creative ideas within the fairytale genre while also giving them plenty of room for customization.

- Over 10 Million writing prompts
- An interactive interface that engages students because they can choose which elements to change

Students can write from the perspective of a princess, knight, woodcutter, poor orphan and so much more. Each element of the story (character, setting, problem, item, resolution) can be customized so students find a combination they feel confident with.

Students can use these fantasy prompts individually, or you can use one to work on together as a class. You can also use these writing prompts as timed warm-up activities at the start of a lesson, or as a fun extension task for a fast finisher.

If you need a zero-prep, AWESOME writing prompt - Look no further! Dive into the cauldron of twisted tales that this generator will concoct for you.

1. Click on this link:  STORY PROMPT!
2. Type in your game code (which you'll find in the product file).
3. Have fun!

Buying this product gives you a password which then unlocks an online file to use in class - so it needs an internet connection to work.

I have done my very best to make this game playable on any device (even phones!) but for the best experience, I’d recommend using a browser or iPad.

I'm planning to update and expand this resource over time to give you the best experience possible - I may change the game code from time to time (don’t worry I’ll let you know, and you'll get an updated code when you re-download the product file).


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