Math Maze 2 Beta

Engage your students with the brand new evolution of Math Maze!

This beta is free to play and complete with animations, sound effects and daily quests.

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"My high kids are... well wow! It has boosted them from 1st grade to now testing on Exact Path in 3rd and 4th Grade math. My low kids are learning how to persevere... It is a good lesson for them and their scores in math have jumped too."

Winifred L.

Grade 1 Math Teacher

"Love this resource. Thank you!"

- Frances H.

Middle School Math Teacher

"I played with the kids yesterday and they had a lot of fun. I had several ask if they could finish the game since they ran out of time and they were excited to have the link and continue playing!"

- Elizabeth S.

Middle School Math Teacher

"My yr6 boy, yr3 girl and yr2 boy all loved it and asked if there was more - imo, a very positive review! The little ones were suitably challenged, older one was more fascinated by the puzzles which are excellent."

-Martin Westphal

"My kids, 11 and 13, loved it. It was especially great for my older son, who doesn't like to check his answers in maths. This game forced him to be very accurate while still having fun!"

-Alice McTyer

Homeschooling Mum

"It's aMAZEingly fun!"



6th grade student, Australia